True sustainability means 
asking more from your building

TIDE is a Net Zero Carbon building, both in operational and embodied emissions.

With the construction sector responsible for approximately 60% of carbon emissions, we recognise that new developments must reduce their footprint and increase their longevity.

We have carefully chosen processes and products for their ability to do both. Our benchmark has been the highly regarded and stringent LETI Primer, which includes targets for re-used materials in construction.
“TIDE reports its carbon with integrity. We have class leading quantities of cement replacement creating probably the most sustainable RC structure of this scale in London.”
Mark Tillett,
Heyne Tillett Steel

At TIDE, every element and
phase of the project has been
shaped by our deep commitment
to sustainability._

Ian Mayhew,
180 years
Responsible grid
LETI 2030
Very low embodied carbon
Re-used materials
Uniquely efficient

Staying Green
in the Future

Operational sustainability is founded on measurement, collaboration and information sharing, to find energy savings from day to day activities as well as longer term energy use and waste strategies.

At TIDE, we’re focusing on
educating and giving occupiers
the tools and the technology that
will allow them to make the
right decisions to ensure they stay
Net Zero Carbon in operation.

Clive Williamson,
Hoare Lea
  • less carbon emitted than the threshold under Part L of the Building Regulations 
    (9% lower than the London Plan standards)

  • Energy consumption

    TIDE boasts a base building energy consumption of only 40 kWh/m²/year – 27% lower than the UKGBC target for 2025-30 – with energy metering throughout allowing close monitoring of usage.
  • Glazing and insulation

    Cutting edge systems reduce the need for mechanical heating and cooling.
  • Openable windows

    Fresh air helps keep your people happy and well, whilst helping you drive down energy consumption.
  • Efficient heating and cooling

    High efficiency heat pumps with waste energy recovered to heat domestic water. All energy comes from a combination of on-site and off-site renewable sources.
  • Low energy lighting

    LEDs reduce energy use and bills and automatically respond to occupier presence.
  • Smart-enabled

    TIDE’s smart systems and app allow occupiers to control and optimise their environment in all kinds of ways – from highlighting empty spaces that don’t need lighting or heating, or bathrooms that don’t need cleaning, through to monitoring air quality so openable windows can be used efficiently.
  • Bike facilities

    196 spaces, 60 folding bike lockers, 26 Sheffield stands, 2 accessible bike bays, 248 lockers, bike maintenance area, electric bike charging points, dedicated bike lift, and 28 showers.
  • Water usage

    Low water usage sanitary ware throughout reduces water consumption.
  • Green spaces

    13,000 sq ft of private terraces and shared roof gardens.

Built to last.